We Are A Fully Licensed Drum Reconditioner

“For the health and welfare of your family, your produce, and the environment, use a licensed reconditioner.”

Tilkey is a fully licensed drum reconditioner. We are equipped to recondition drums to ensure that there are no impurities being passed onto your family or stock.

Tilkey is an organisation that acts with the best interests of the environment in mind. Since 1980 we have structured our business toward eliminating excess packaging, particularly drums, both plastic and steel. All materials handled by us are recycled with nothing going to landfill.


Our Sales

Our sales department provides drums and tanks from 5 litres to 1000 litres, steel or plastic, and are licensed to provide drums with a Dangerous Goods rating. Our state of the art high pressure cleaning process makes them suitable for all your packaging or storage needs. We also stock a range of New Food Grade Plastic drums.



Our drum disposal process ensures that your drums are decontaminated prior to disposal. Steel drums are recycled back into the steel industry and plastic drums are ultimately recycled into non-human or animal contact products.


Cleaning Service

Tilkey IBC cleaning provides the ultimate service by having your own containers picked up from your premises, cleaned and re-certified as required and delivered back to you at a fraction of the cost of replacement containers. It is a cost effective, convenient option for those who are looking to maximise the lifespan of their containers.



The Tilkey drum reconditioning service provides the best way to recycle drums utilising industry reprocessing standards, making suitable second hand drums completely re-usable.

If you are unsure what drum, container, tank or trough you require, contact us here and we can advise the safest, most economic option for you.