Feed Troughs

Feed Troughs

Tilkey has a large range of feed troughs. If you require a specific feed trough, or are unsure what would best suit your needs, contact us on 07 3875 2828 or contact us here and we can recommend the best fit for you.

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1000 lt Oval Trough W 1210 x L 2460 x D 550 mm

1000 lt Round Trough with Float, Plug & Bung D 1580 x D 600 mm

400 lt Round Trough Diam 1220 x D 450 mm

140 lt Molasses Licker L 900 x W 670 x H 530 mm

500 lt Round Trough with Float, Plug & Bung D 1130 x D 570 mm

D Feeder for Stall or fence Metal Brackets included

1/2 Plastic Lengthwise or Crosswise

400 lt Breeding Box W 750 x L 1270 x D 510 mm

600 lt Budget Trough W 1060 x L 1780 x D 320 mm

2000 lt Round Trough with Bung & Plug Diam 2150 x D 650 mm

If you are unsure what drum, container, tank or trough you require, contact us here and we can advise the safest, most economic option for you.