Reconditioned Drums


Tilkey not only carry a large range of reconditioned drums and IBC’s, but also offer a reconditioning service to bring your drums & IBC’s back to life. (refer to our Drum Cleaning page).

The types of drums that we carry, and recondition include:

* Steel – open and closed top.
* Epon – open and closed top.
* Plastic – open and closed top.
* IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) – various grades available, including Food Grade.

If you are looking to purchase a reconditioned drum or IBC or are looking to have your own containers reconditioned, contact us on 07 3875 2828 or use the Enquire Now button below.

If you are unsure what drum, container, tank or trough you require, contact us here and we can advise the safest, most economic option for you.